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SuBee Web Services provides services to develop an intelligent internet presence for your business. Contact us for a consultation to determine the right solution to meet your needs.

Web Page Development · Creative Layout & Design · Custom Graphics
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We help you reach the world with your message!

SuBee Web Services develops websites with creative solutions to showcase your unique image and effectively present your business to the global market. We specialize in designing and constructing websites which promote your personal and professional vision. We work closely with you to develop the perfect website to reach your target audience.

Fees listed below are guidelines; each website is quoted according to complexity.

  • Wordpress Site Development: quoted per site based on complexity
  • Basic hourly development rate for new sites: $50/hour
  • Additional custom graphics: $65/hour
  • Scripting: $50/hour
  • Each website we develop utilizes basic SEO concepts in its design
  • A deposit of 30% of the quoted price is required prior to new website development

Associated services:

  • Website updates: $35/hour, $10 minimum
  • Website updates requiring changes to graphics: $65/hour
  • Research: $25/hour
  • Troubleshooting: $35/hour
  • Site Rescue Services: $75/hour
  • General Wordpress Site Maintenance: $35/hour

Prices shown are USD. Visit our Client Portfolio for samples of our work.

Website Hosting · Domain Name Registration · Domain Name Transfer
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Professional hosting solutions and associated services for your website

Only pay for the services you actually need! We can help you find and register your domain name, transfer your domain, and set up your website with any additional services you need.

Unlike some hosting companies, SuBee Web Services will not surprise you with hidden fees and surcharges. We choose to show our appreciation for your business by giving you a square deal and conscientious customer service.

MONTHLY BASE FEE $20 $40 $60 $80 $100
Storage 20 MB 50 MB 100 MB 160 MB 200 MB
Over limit storage $1/MB .75/MB .65/MB .50/MB
Data Transfer 500 MB 1500 MB 2500 MB 3500 MB 5000 MB
Over limit data .01/MB
SSL (Secure Server) monthly fee based on exact configuration, minimum $10/month
Dedicated IP Address $5/month
Domain Registration We can save you up to 70% on NEW .com, .net and .org domain names.
Domain Transfers Transfer your domain for about 10 bucks - save up to 70% on your next renewal!
Domain Services Fee $5 per domain (one time)

Marketing · Website Submission · Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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Advertising your website to reach your target audience in the global marketplace

Internet marketing isn't just about creating a business website. Your website should be a polished presentation, crafted with technical precision to appeal to the Search Engines, and fine-tuned to specifically interest potential customers.

We offer website marketing as an all-inclusive package or as add-ons of your choosing.

(save 80% over individual services)
$15/month with any hosting plan
  • Creation of xml sitemap for your website, and submission of the sitemap to appropriate search engines
  • Updating the xml sitemap and resubmitting it when your site significantly updates, adds or removes content
  • Inclusion of Google Analytics tracking code on your website pages
  • Event tracking setup of specific files, as needed
  • Periodic review of analytics & viewing statistics to determine viewing trends and page strength
  • Monthly ranking reports for your choice of 10 keyword search phrases specific to your website, emailed directly to you for review
  • Your website listed and linked in our business-specific SuBee Web directories and SuBee Travel Guide
  • Multiple listings in each appropriate category, within each business-specific SuBee Web directory
  • Internet Marketing Package can be cancelled when your advertising goals have been met and continuing ad services ordered as needed (see below)
XML SITEMAP $10 create/submit once
MONTHLY RANKING REPORTS $15 setup; $1/keyphrase, minimum $10/report; up to maximum of 20 search terms.
RESEARCH INDUSTRY SPECIFIC DIRECTORIES for inclusion of your business (custom quote)

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